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 The Power
of Team 

 Collaborative. Aligned. Experienced.


Boards have the power to support their educational leaders or derail their efforts. Our current board is a team that is experienced at being part of what is often called the “five-legged race” of being an elected body. The power to move a district forward rests not in individual agendas but rather in the work of the whole.  We value each other's expertise, experiences, and viewpoints, but as with many good Boards that came before us, we have made it over the learning curve and are clicking as a team of collaborators.

Our current Board is in alignment with our Superintendent, Tim Weber, who moved to Wyoming with an extraordinary commitment to our kids and community.


The pandemic has shown our ability to pivot and be innovative on behalf of kids in ways we never thought possible. Our leadership has remained steady in the face of uncertainty, carefully following local data, science, and medical experts in our community. A thoughtful leader with a supportive Board is more adaptive and flexible which will continue to benefit our students as the pandemic evolves.


Since 2017, we have benefitted from the thorough and transparent leadership of our school Treasurer, Ronda Johnson. Since her arrival, we have adopted formal plans that address long-term needs regarding technology, HVAC, textbook adoption, as well as the needs of our facilities as a whole.  Despite the pandemic and state budget uncertainty, Wyoming City Schools’ finances are forward-looking and focused on the classroom. As a member of the finance committee, I have been enthusiastic about our adoption of a $5 million cash balance benchmark that will provide an additional guide and indicator of financial stability. 


Improved relationships and increased input from teachers led to a highly collaborative teacher negotiation of the three-year teacher contract, the hiring of two new enthusiastic, top-notch principals, and the successful implementation of the Research and Innovation Center(RIC) in the high school. 


Students are at the center of every decision we make. Through more frequent and varied opportunities for student and graduate feedback, we are positioned to better understand our students’ needs and experiences. The current Board supports our Superintendent who is passionate about creating an environment that optimizes learning and prepares students for success in the world after Wyoming.



We designed our year-long Superintendent search to have more than 45 community input sessions, an online survey, a community forum, and student focus groups. We redesigned the Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC) towards needed projects and then involved teachers and more citizens.  We are dedicated to answering every single inquiry we receive. 


Tell me your hopes and dreams for the future of Wyoming City Schools.
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