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  • Current Vice President

  • Member, Finance Committee

  • Member, Science Advisory Team

  • Member, Equity and Inclusion Committee

  • Member, Planning and Goal Setting Committee

  • Member, Belonging and Inclusion Collaborative

  • Former member, Citizens Advisory Committee (3 years), Student Achievement, Community Engagement, Policy 

IMG_0321_edited.jpg, Wyoming leadership at school board conference

Since being first appointed to the Board in July of 2017 and then elected in November of 2017, I have attended every regular, planning, and special meeting of the Board of Education.


Since 2018, I have been honored to serve as the Board’s Vice President. It is a role that while requiring more time has allowed me a deeper dive into all the ways that a Board connects to its community. 

 kara broderick, wyoming board member

Prior to being elected to the Board of Education, I spent many years working in communications, development, and alumni relations, first at the University of Richmond and then as Director at the School of Medicine at the Medical College of Virginia of VCU.


I listened to the stories of our graduates, students, and faculty and then communicated the larger narrative of our medical school’s past, present, and future. My primary job was to build relationships by listening to what people value and then match their wishes to the goals of the institution. As a board member, I find I frequently draw on these experiences as I listen and try to reflect the values of our community. 


As a volunteer in our schools, I spent more than a decade in classrooms and with kids. From serving as room mom to tutoring to chaperoning to organizing volunteers, I enjoyed being in the trenches getting to know teachers and students.


My volunteer leadership roles have included PSA’s magazine-sale chair for two years and several years on the Board for the Wyoming School Music Association (WSMA). During my last two years on the WSMA Board, I served as WSMA’s President. As President, I partnered with the Wyoming Art Show to create a new event honoring senior students pursuing the arts and I spearheaded a professional video promoting music education in our schools. 

wsma video production team
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