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 I am proudly Wyoming. I did not grow up here but I love that my children have a "hometown." Wyoming offers something foundational that begins with parades and festivals and peewee soccer. We walk to school and talk to our neighbors. We are drawn into community by the strong focus on the excellence of our schools. We love music and the arts as much as we do our youth sports. I have always embraced "the village" of Wyoming with a certain gratitude and without needing it to be perfect. As a leader, I know we are blessed to have the ability to be forward-looking and I spend a lot of time thinking about how we will grow with our youngest learners as the world changes. For me, it is an energizing challenge, but most of all, it is a labor of love.



My husband and I chose to move back to his hometown in 2008 because Wyoming's dedication to its schools and quality of life for its citizens are a unique and special combination. We have three daughters: Erin (WHS '17) who is currently working with Americorps at a public middle school  in Sitka, Alaska; Caitlin (WHS '21) who is beginning her freshman year as a creative writing major at the University of Southern California, and Maggie (WHS '23) who is happy to be back in person enjoying all the opportunities that junior year offers. I am so grateful for our girls' education and have learned a great deal over the last 13 years about our schools  as a parent and volunteer in the trenches at every level of the Wyoming journey- primary, middle, and high. 



I moved frequently as a child but always attended public schools. I was raised by a public school educator, and at times, my mom was a teacher in the school I attended, something that always made me proud. Dinner time conversations often ended up around issues in education.  Later, I graduated from the University of Virginia and fell in love with the study of English Literature as a way to explore all the ways we humans connect, feel, and communicate. I spent most of my professional career working in communications in higher education. It is an understatement to say that I was inspired daily by the alumni, students and faculty who shared their stories of how education changed their lives.

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