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Vote for Kara on November 2

It has been an exciting four years.  I have learned a great deal about the role of a Board member and look forward to using this knowledge and experience to support our amazing school district. We have hired strong leaders who value relationships and put kids at the center of every decision.

The pandemic has shown us the importance of remaining steady, yet flexible, in the midst of uncertainty. We have a collaborative board that is aligned with our Superintendent and we are in a great position to meet students where they are and prepare them to be the leaders and problem-solvers of tomorrow. 

It is with gratitude for our teachers, students, and community that I seek re-election. I ask for your vote on or before November 2  and as always, don't hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns or ideas.



Kara Broderick


I am committed to:

  • Building community through open, positive communication. Valuing the diverse set of voices in our community.

  • Thoughtfully deliberating  and collaborating on decisions. Relying on experts, data, and science  as needed.

  • Being an effective steward of our financial resources, recognizing that the majority of school revenues comes from individual property and income taxes. 

  • Celebrating our successes while not being afraid to tackle tough issues faced by today's students.

  • Having at heart the best interest of all kids in Wyoming.

  • Encouraging innovation in the classroom through resource allocation and an emphasis on long -range planning.

  • Helping our students achieve a sense of self-worth and mutual respect, no matter where they are on the academic ladder.

  • Trusting teachers to thoughtfully teach their subjects  in alignment with state standards.

  • Supporting the  Superintendent as the educational leader of our district. 

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